Walking on Eggshells…(“Ignore that Gorilla behind the Curtain!!”)

Walking on Eggshells…(“Ignore that Gorilla behind the Curtain!!”)


A heart fortified with the Holy Spirit can endure…..

I felt compelled to ‘re-blog’ this post from a blog I follow.  (You will find the blog in the ‘link’ section of my home page).

Elephants’; ….. ‘gorillas‘ ….whatever nomenclature you assign to issues or topics which go tacitly unspoken within any ‘room’  of social interaction,  the recognition is universal that they loom large in our collective psyche.  Like “lions; tigers; and bears”; they are the ‘bogey-men’ of our human consciousness…..things to be compartmentalized into the “flight” portion of our knee-jerk, “flight or fight” reaction to danger or peril.

That chiefof theleast has broached the issue of depression is not only brave, but necessary.  We all of us must begin to acknowledge these silent, menacing elephants and gorillas in our rooms.  To ignore them is no less a sin than failing to acknowledge all of our other human frailties, be they envy; lust or pride.

To love God in earnest, we must love each other.  We cannot love each other while wearing ‘blinders’ which obscure our vision of  how these maladies can affect “the least of us”.   To remove these blinders, to openly address and discuss these common human frailties, is to share God’s Grace and offer solace that we all share common maladies as mere humans waiting for the Light.

Chief of the least

A few months ago, I wrote about an elephant dwelling in the back of our church sanctuaries. That post was about the prevalence of “porn” in the American church, and it included a short lament regarding our tendency to keep it a dirty little secret rather than shedding the gospel light on it. I called porn an elephant because when an elephant is in any room it must be acknowledged. Yet so many church leaders have taken the ridiculous stance of acting like the “porn elephant” is not seated among their own congregations, when statistics clearly show it is.

The porn elephant is not the only unwelcome beast in our midst that no one is talking about. Apparently, we have given a second elephant residence in our congregations while applying similar silent treatment towards it. This elephant’s name is “Depression.” While no one is really talking about it almost…

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