Walking the ‘Dashboard’ of WordPress (An Ode to Persistence)

You hold your breath and click: ‘Dashboard‘                                      

     You wait for ‘stats’ to load…

No ‘views’ or ‘clicks’ again today!

     You feel your hopes implode.

Comments” are again, all ‘spam’

     Select them all…. “Delete

Erase each broken-English phrase

      with gushing praise replete.

An audience of ‘ad-bots-‘

     Is all you seem to find,

Small solace for your need to share

    The issues on your mind.

Just then, your ‘G-mail’ vibrates…

     It’s an e-mail from WordPress.

Someone has read a months-old post,

     And now you feel success!

A reader in another land

     Has read you while you slept,

And shares with you the glorious news

     That having read,……..they wept.



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