Walking With Karen—A Lesson in Humility

For those few of us who may not have had occasion to view; read about; or hear related the sad ordeal of this remarkable woman, have a taste of it by clicking below:

I will reserve judgement as to whether those who can watch it in its’ entirety are callous; strong of stomach, or simply depraved.  (I could not endure past the halfway point)

While Karen has become a YouTube phenomenon and a lightening rod for the commentary of media punditry, it might be easy…even inviting for so nascent a blogger as I, to wax eloquent about it, with walls of text outlining a litany of societal flaws and exhorting the reader to pound his pitchfork; light his torch, and follow me to the forums of  the ethernet where battle can be easily joined with  those who do not profess their disgust loudly enough for our liking.  It would be easy…. but it would not be right.

What would be right would be to forego the sensationalism and the taunts….to stop; place ourselves in Karens’ shoes (or seat); and wonder at the growing portion of the infinitely small time we each and all have on this planet that is being devoted to just such pitchfork- pounding, and how much of our increasingly circumspect vision is being obscured by the smoke of the torches we bear.  Perhaps some precious moments devoted to such contemplation and such clarity of vision would convince us all that, if Karen were any one of us, would we have bided our temper?  Would we have turned the other shoulder after having been poked ( and, technically, assaulted) by the corner edge of a notebook?  Would we have quelled our tongues from lashing out?

Many, if not most of us, would not have bided; turned; nor quelled.  We would have, however understandably, reacted verbally; physically and with gusto.

But Karen did not.

The second coming draws nearer every day.  My take on this incident is simple and succinct:

            *It is a result of a culture so steeped in concepts of entitlement; ego and diversity, and so devoid of respect; faith and humility, that the ‘Golden Rule’ has become a useless tool and the ‘milk of human kindness’ has been supplanted by the energy drink of all that is base in the human soul.*

God bless Karen.  And God save those of us who scorn the thirst for the one true ‘energy drink’ of the soul:


One response to “Walking With Karen—A Lesson in Humility

  1. I had heard of this video but this was the first time I actually saw it. I am incredulous. It is so blatantly cruel that I can’t believe someone actually recorded this and failed to come to the aid of this woman. How anyone can be so perverse defies any sense of logic whatsoever.


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