Walking and Coveting–(Perusing the Classifieds When the Wife is Away)

For those familiar with my love of , and fascination with, automobiles (see , for example, this ),  it is probably not surprising that I would occasionally peruse the classifieds for various objects of desire.

In my most recent weekly perusal of my favorite site among the links you see on the right, I happened on an entry which seemed to exactly address what I have recently been yearning for.  As this particular website is global in scope,  most of the entries within the ‘search’ parameters I use are geographically impractical, and, at best, serve as fodder for my ever-growing collection of “pics” of cars I have either owned; driven; or dream of owning.  This one, however, is singular in that it depicts an auto merely 26 miles from my abode:












It’s a ’67 Beetle.  It’s original in every respect other than a slightly modified engine.  Among VW  aficionados, the ’67 model year is the most desirable, as it is the first year for sealed-beam headlights; a driver’s side door armrest; two–speed wipers; a 12, rather than 6-volt generator (no alternator until the 70’s); a larger engine (1500 cc’s rather than 1300); a larger clutch; 4 more horsepower (54); and back-up lights.

It is also the last year for the classic, sculptured bumpers…replaced in the ’68 model year by large, horizontal, clunky-looking bumpers which began the descent of this cars’ “look” from ‘cute to….’clunky’.

My interest in this little item is further piqued by the fact that it has the factory original, hand-cranked steel sliding sunroof.

I must have this car.  And the planets agree with me.  The day I came across the ad, my daily horoscope, which I habitually consult daily, (along with the days’ “Dilbert” and “Get Fuzzy” cartoons) was :

And, today:

Now, the “pushing” begins.  I “believe” I can do it.

However…….my wife, the light of my life; the wind beneath my wings; etc., etc., etc.,……says: “Nein!

Her discounting of the fate so plainly and logically put forth in the horoscopes above is painfully matter-of-fact:


a)  “We do not need four cars”

b)  “I do not want you to raid the 401k”

c)  “Next year, your Cavalier will be paid off, I will need a new car of my own, and we would need to sell “Mad Max’s BumbleBee” first.


e)  (See (a) and (d))



Refutations assemble themselves quietly in my fevered mind:

a)  “You do not need twenty-seven pairs of shoes, either.”

b)  “My 401k is woefully inadequate now….I see no harm in reducing it’s adequacy further’

c)  “You can drive my Cavalier…I will have it fumigated.  Selling BumbleBee now is preferable to selling next year because of the  devaluation of the dollar brought on by the coming QE3; QE4; QE5 the Fed is sure to roll out.

d)  “It’s a ’67 VW!

e)  (See (d).



Now that I review these refutations, I grow less confident that they will prevail in this battle.  Sadly, I have brought a ‘dream’ to a ‘logic’ fight.


The “67 VW  I long for will have to remain where it is, as wallpaper on my computer monitor.   Like a center-fold from Playboy, it will remain parked on my screen, enticing; titillating and…..unobtainable.

It may be a sin to covet,  but a guy can dream.  She has her” Bee“….and one day soon, I will have my “bug“.


3 responses to “Walking and Coveting–(Perusing the Classifieds When the Wife is Away)

    • Yes, “light of my life”, I have indeed washed the dishes.

      Oh, by the way……..IGNORE that big round thing under the tarp in the back yard. I was able to get a compost heap from a farmer in Hinckley.

      DO NOT…(I repeat, DO NOT) look under the tarp. The compost has to cure for a while, and the farmer told me there might be a few snakes in there.

      Just leave it alone.



  1. Domestic discord, the human drama of a clash of wills, the stuff that fuels the literary and theater industry…I can’t wait for the next thrilling episode!


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