A middle-aged caucasian man of 57, born in 1955.  Born of first-generation Ukrainian and Polish stock…..father a steelworker, mother a homemaker.  Eldest of their three sons.  Worked way through college and law school.  In second marriage, no children. Lover of automobiles; the arts; theology and philosophy and political/cultural history .  A Jungian ‘INTJ’.


A muser; romantic; and husband who has plied many trades, but failed to find fulfillment in any of them.  Recent financial services advisor.  Current part-time employee of  a major supermarket chain, a choice which has proven rewarding in that it finally allows for the time to devote to polishing long neglected native talents, (such as they are).   Lover of music and song.  Volunteer usher; lector and Assistant Treasurer at church.  Converted cat lover after lifetime of dog ownership.  My wife and my Faith are my strength.


In my sixth career/vocation.    Old enough to realize, however belatedly, that, as noted in “The Prince”,

…. very simply: you can only see things clearly with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”  We’ve no control over the past, and in our need to control our future, we all of us lose out on the pleasure we can derive from the present on a daily basis.


Born and raised in the Midwest.  Been to Europe once.  Couple of trips to the west coast and east coast.  Never been to Florida and don’t yet want to go.  Have been vowing to move to Arizona each winter, but my life is here.


At long last; the cosmic intersection at this particular juncture in time and space of faith, meaning, circumstance and awareness has moved me to begin this blog so that passions vented therein can be purged with a result which can have meaning to you, the reader, instead of being suppressed to the detriment of  my overall health and demeanor.  Please look at my first post.  It’s only the first, so it’s definitely not the best,…..but it is as true and sincere as anything I ever have ever written, or  ever will write.


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