A Walk in My October Sun (A Birthday Ode to Jennifer)

Darned if it’s not already her birthday again.  Time to write another poem.

It’s easy, though, as she is my sunshine; the Light of my life.  Often she even helps me find my glasses when I lose them.

Happy Birthday, darling………

October Smiles


Amazing face, how sweet that smile,

That calms the beast in me

It’s warmth consoles me, soothes me, while

I strive of worth to be.


This glow, this smile, this warmth I feel

When e’er your eyes  meet mine,

Does goodness in this earth reveal

Which I alone can’t find.


October’s sun, on radiant leaves

Which turn to red and gold

Can’t match the warmth that I receive

When your smile I behold.


And I’ll reside within your glow

As long as you can bear

This need for warmth that drives me so

This need for your face fair.



Walking the Eons With Jennifer (A Birthday Wish Eternal)

Ode to Eternity…

Fret not that one more year has passed;

Ignore the hair that grays…

Count not the months and years elapsed;

Long not for “younger” days.


For Time is but the pawn of Space;

A soulless metronome;

And ‘Matter’, can affect its’ pace,

And change the path it roams.


Rest easy…heed the surety

That true Love knows no “time”

But lends eternal purity

To our Spirits’ bond sublime.


“Eternal”, then, our wedded bliss,

Immeasurable our Joy.

A warm embrace; a smile….a kiss…

Can Times’ constraints destroy.


A look through Space via your brown eyes

Transports my soul on wings

And to your Grace my Spirit flies

And to its’ music sings.


This Love, unbound by mortal coils

Swiss precision cannot ‘time’;

All temporal concepts this love foils;

No matter how defined.


Not eons; seconds; pace;…. or beat;

Not each ensuing morn ;

Could change the hour that saw us meet……..

The hour we both were born.    


Happy Birthday to my Love with the faraway eyes……