Walk The Lockscreen Gallery: 1/16/14



Walk the Lockscreen Gallery: 4/11/2013;

Today’s post will revert to imagery of phone use, beginning with Star Trek; concentrating on one of my favorite characters of all time, Jack Bauer in ’24’; and ending with 3 images from a Charles Bronson movie, Telefon:

As always, I encourage you to review the gallery in its’ entirety at the Gallery Page.


















Walk the Lockscreen Gallery: A New Feature and a New Page.

A pet project that I so enjoy is the sifting; capturing; cropping and editing photos of a retro,  ‘noir ‘ tone with some tongue-in-cheek irony mixed in.

I produce an image thread in a forum I belong to  which has had a reasonably enthusiastic reception.

The particular thread is devoted to cropping and editing images for clarity and file size limitation for use as ‘members’ avatars’.

An example of my avatar on that site:                                         meemee

The recent acquisition  of  a Windows 8 Phone  has thrilled me to no end, and I started recently to amass a small library of lockscreen images for Windows and iPhones devices with an approximate 4.4″ screen and an aspect ratio of 6/10.


The enjoyable thing about it is that there are no hard and fast rules for pixel height; width and file size As pics ready for use as lockscreens or other backgrounds on these devices, minimal cropping is necessary.

I have tried to maximize clarity of  he date and time text on the lockscreen by trying to minimize the brightness of  the screen so as to sufficiently contrast with the white date and time display.  (I am too new to ‘smart-phones‘ to know if this display text can be any color other than white).

The easiest way, for me, at least, to get one on your phone is to save it to your computing device and email it to one of your email accounts where it can be accessed on the phone, saved and selected with about two swipes on the screen.  Of course it’s even easier if you are viewing this blog on your phone.

I find them engaging with friends or acquaintances who happen to view them, and much preferable to the stock stuff you see in the generic gaming or  ‘cute horsey’ stuff  (no offense).  It saves bandwidth spent on surfing hundreds of common images just to get two or three that are meaningful, effective and unique.

An example is the one I’m using now:


The theme in the initial posts is virtual representation of phone use in evoking a mood or feeling that may happen to match your own. As in my avatar gallery, I also try to group the images so as to evoke other inferences as to theme.

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