A Walk in My October Sun (A Birthday Ode to Jennifer)

Darned if it’s not already her birthday again.  Time to write another poem.

It’s easy, though, as she is my sunshine; the Light of my life.  Often she even helps me find my glasses when I lose them.

Happy Birthday, darling………

October Smiles


Amazing face, how sweet that smile,

That calms the beast in me

It’s warmth consoles me, soothes me, while

I strive of worth to be.


This glow, this smile, this warmth I feel

When e’er your eyes  meet mine,

Does goodness in this earth reveal

Which I alone can’t find.


October’s sun, on radiant leaves

Which turn to red and gold

Can’t match the warmth that I receive

When your smile I behold.


And I’ll reside within your glow

As long as you can bear

This need for warmth that drives me so

This need for your face fair.



Walking The Lanes in Dreamsville, Ohio (An Anniversary Re-Lease)


It seems like just last month or so I posted my last anniversary honorarium to the woman I love.   It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and that the leaves on the huge silver maple in the back yard are beginning their change to autumn’s glory.


And, as I sit in wonder and awe over the rapid elapsing of another year, it dawns on me that, like a roller-coaster ride, or a long, slow dance to a favorite ballad, the celerity of my existence is due to the joy I partake of daily in being in and around my home.  My Jennifer,  as noted last year, has made this home that place on ‘God’s Little Acre‘ known as Dreamsville, Ohio.










However small your plot of land, however quickly you can walk from the ‘north forty’ to the ‘south forty’, what is essential is your signature on the scenery.  Beauty, and obvious care and attention to the landscaping, can both beautify the neighborhood, and,…when striking enough to the eye of the casual passer-by, can evoke a respect for and appreciation of the tenants that no fence can afford.  The time I spend on the swing in the back yard; the reading I do on the front porch; even  the chore of mowing the grass, is a comfort and a joy because of the love she puts into this estate.

I write these annual missives for our anniversary and for her birthday for her love.  What I sometimes fail to appreciate is that her labor; time and attention to our home is done, at least in part, out of her love for me.  I pray that I can continue to merit its’ splendor.

A Lease Renewed.


They married one October day

Their souls united,

They began their way

The moon was honey,

And their laughter gay

Their bond was based in Love.  



Through times of trouble,

And times of bliss

Their constant strength,  a nightly kiss.

To rise each new day

To hit or miss,

Their strength was in their Love.



Life is just

A lease on God’s time

Only His Grace can renew.

And while it runs, the key’s to share

The rent; the work,….the view.



And as they go through

The blur of years  

And share their sorrows; hopes and fears

They share their laughter, and they share their tears.

They do it out of Love.

God smiles on their True Love.


Happy 17th Anniversary, Darling.

I will always love you.




Well, my work here is done.  My time this afternoon and evening before leaving for my overnight shift tonight will be walking the lanes of  our palatial estate in Dreamsville, Ohio…….where the women are strong; the men are good-looking, and the bowling scores are all above-average.



Walking My Dashboard with ‘Magnetic Mary’

(Apologies to Ed Rush; George Cromarty and Ernie Marrs )

My passion for automobiles and driving approaches the ardency of my faith.  I do not think it sacrilege, therefore, to occasionally combine these passions in prose or poetry.  The fact that I am here to write it, to me, is proof that faith abides, as I have had far more than my share of “mishaps” both on four wheels, and on two.  I offer my version of this favorite old “ditty” as a humble expression of my belief that a  faith properly acknowledged is complimentary to, not exclusive of, our interests; passions or avocations.

I recently uncovered this ancient statuette in a small box I have carried with me for decades in the trunk or saddle bag of every vehicle I have regularly driven or ridden during that time.  It is at least as old as I am, as I can recollect its’ position on the dash of every vehicle my father drove as  I progressed from infancy to college-age.

I remember it on the the dash of the ’52 Plymouth; the ’53 and ’55 Chevrolets; the ’57 Buick; the ’62 Dodge Dart; the ’65 Mercury Monterey; the ’69 Ford Country Sedan wagon and even the ’73 Olds Cutlass coupe.  I lost track of it after college, both because I no longer was a regular passenger in my fathers’ cars and, because the  metallic expanses of the dashboards of yesteryear steadily shrunk with the mandate of safety-promoting vinyl padding….. there was no longer a metal  surface upon which her magnet could obtain a purchase.

It may have been a result of cleaning out his last vehicle after his death, or the clearing out of his garage, that it came into my possession along with the old pen-knives; small screwdrivers; inoperable lighters and obsolete fuses which occupied the small tin box with her.

Now that I have resurrected her from her sarcophagus of tin,  I honor the Spirit which she exudes by restoring her place on the ‘mantle’ of my conveyance, as thanks for the protection she has afforded me through the years, however hidden from sight she may have been.

And now, back to that “ditty”  In the fifties, Ernie Marrs wrote what then, used to be regarded as an example of a “novelty” song.  Those of you who grew up in the fifties and sixties may recollect its’ refrain:

“I don’t care if it’s dark and scary,

Long as I have ‘Magnetic Mary’

Ridin’ on the dashboard of my car

Through my trials and tribulations,

And my travels through the nations,

With Magnetic Mary I’ll go far.”


(For a feel of the melody, refer to the the “Cool Hand Luke” clip below)

Through the years, there have been many iterations; addenda; and modifications to the verse.  I regard it not as a copyright to infringe or steal, but more as a snippet of Americana which is part of the “public domain”.

Here goes nothin’:

Like my Dad, I used to ‘tipple’

It’s a miracle I’m not a cripple

Mary always seemed to see me through

Wrecks uncounted I’ve survived

Beat odds no bookie could contrive

‘Cause Mary kept my soul in her purview.



Driving privileges suspended,

Countless rides smashed and upended,

Cops would scratch their heads and talk of “luck”

I’d just smile and brush the glass off

Pocket tickets they would tear off

Made sure she didn’t leave with the tow truck.



As time went on  she’d ride with me

And I got more maturity

There still were ‘no-fault’ mishaps I endured

Guilty parties who had hit me

Even those who drove cheap ” hoop-dee’s

Were always, due to Her Grace, well-insured.



Now she rides a place of honor,

Though I have placed no ‘velcro’ on her,

Her perch is regal and her hold is firm,

For on this vinyl cold and dead

She rides a small metallic sled

Left Turn Mary

And physics helps her keep me ‘tween the berms.



‘Check Engine’ lights no longer vex me,

‘Blind spots’ in my mirrors, no worry,

When horns blare and ‘birds’ flip; she doesn’t mind

Speeders passing she don’t see

She just keeps her eyes on me

And every other thing that lies behind.



With her halo chipped and faded

And her raiment pale and tainted

She’s a portrait of  a Holy ‘Dorian Gray’

Keeping yet her demure smile

Right Turn Mary

She’s absorbed my troubled miles….

Magnetic Mary  for me shows the way



I’m gentle now with steering input

No panic stops, and I don’t ‘leadfoot’

To do so would disturb her sacred place

Atop my dashboard she is charmin’

And I no longer need my ‘Garmin’

‘GPS’ is in the Grace of Mary’s face.



Now my license is pristine

I owe it to this figurine

I even get much better mileage now

It’s comforting, serene and pleasant

That her glow, (once iridescent)

Assures me that my safety is her vow.

Walking with Wings on Fathers’ Day

This Fathers’ Day, I have resolved not to just mourn his passing, but to rejoice in the eternal life he shares with all who bask in the Light of the Holy Spirit.

He has passed from sight, but not from mind.  The commandment of the Lord to honor him is all the more binding on my thoughts, words and deeds now that he enjoys a life eternal.

Around from all the neighboring towns
The grieving family ran,
And cursed the fickle sickness that
Had felled so good a man.

His loss, they said, was sore and sad
Tears welled in every eye;
He was a spouse; a friend; a ‘Dad’,
“Not fair” that he should die.

But solace comes to those whos’ sight,
Discerns what Grace implied:
This man lives on in Gods’ sweet Light,
The Sin it was that died.

“and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove” –Matthew 3:16,

“For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.”  –2 Corinthians 4:13—-5:1

Walking the ‘Dashboard’ of WordPress (An Ode to Persistence)

You hold your breath and click: ‘Dashboard‘                                      

     You wait for ‘stats’ to load…

No ‘views’ or ‘clicks’ again today!

     You feel your hopes implode.

Comments” are again, all ‘spam’

     Select them all…. “Delete

Erase each broken-English phrase

      with gushing praise replete.

An audience of ‘ad-bots-‘

     Is all you seem to find,

Small solace for your need to share

    The issues on your mind.

Just then, your ‘G-mail’ vibrates…

     It’s an e-mail from WordPress.

Someone has read a months-old post,

     And now you feel success!

A reader in another land

     Has read you while you slept,

And shares with you the glorious news

     That having read,……..they wept.