Walking on Tip-Toe at 3:30 in the Morning on Valentine’s Day

Another morn; another nudge

From warm, delicate toes against the back of my ankle.

I rouse, but linger in the warmth of fleece and flannel,

Awaiting the next, more urgent, yet gentle, nudge.

Receiving it, I tread the cold wood to cold porcelain fixtures

Disturb their gleaming purity with her excellent chocolate cake,

And soap;

And toothpaste

And whiskers.

And I smell the coffee downstairs as I dress in silence,

And brace for my labors in the cold, cold world

Which awaits.

But that  frigid air

And  that frosty management

Become but mild distraction

As I tip-toe back in  the darkness

To kiss the perfect cheekbone

Of the one who is my Heart.



Happy Valentine’s Day



Walking the Aisles, Living the ‘Moments’…. With My “Perfect Valentine”





















Her Love’s the only reason

That I ever smiled again,

She’s made my life a blissful dream,

Which waking does not end.


I’ve shared my deepest secrets,

Laid my sorrows at her door,

She showed me how to feel again,

She’s all that I adore.


Should my life end tomorrow

And from this world I part,

I will live on, forever young

For her breast holds my heart.


Perfect, is she…. an angel fine.

I could not ask for more…

She’s sweet, and pure,  and beautiful,

And owns a Hallmark store.